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16-09-2015, 15:48

Indonesia’s prime Cycling event the Tour de Singkarak in West Sumatra will again be held this year from 3 – 11 October 2015, confirmed Organizers at a press conference held recently at the Ministry of Tourism.

“The Union Cyclists International (UCI) and ASO (Amaury Sport Organization) have confirmed that 7 years after its launch, the Tour de Singkarak has now reached the top 5 position in the world as cycling event. Today, Tour de Singkarak is positioned after the Tour de France in France, Italy, Spain and Australia,” announced Tour de Singkarak Chairman, Sapta Nirwandar to the press.

Covering 1,300 km TdS will take 9 days to complete and is participated by 25 Indonesian and international teams, including those from the Netherlands and Italy. This year, TdS will see its start at the Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan, the most southern coastal district in West Sumatra, and will finish in the province’s capital city of Padang.

All of the 19 Districts and cities in West Sumatra have today confirmed participation, including the islands of Mentawai, so that the race will pass among others through the Districts and towns of Tanah Datar, Payakumbuh, Agam, Bukittinggi, Solok to Pasaman.

The change in the timing follows the UCI Official Road Calendar Asia Tour (www.uci.ch) and will take place in 9 Stages that pass through some of the most exceptional natural beauty and the fascinating culture of West Sumatra.

The most challenging parts of the course will be the Kelok 44 and Kelok 9, or the 44 and 9 hairpin bends, and the extreme climb at Bukit Sileh. Racers will take in the beauty of the countryside of Lake Singkarak, the Twin Lakes, the Harau Valley, Lake Maninjau, and Puncak Lawang or the Lawang Peak. Other cultural attractions include the Palace of Istano Basa Pagaruyung, the old coal mining town of Sawahlunto and others, and of course the welcoming smiles of the people cheering racers along the entire track.

Sapta Nirwandar added that the total budget assigned for the Tour de Singkarak will be Rp. 15 billion contributed by the provincial government, the district and city local governments, the Ministry of Tourism and sponsors. While contested prizes will total Rp. 1.4 billion, and with more sponsors the prize may even reach Rp. 2.5 billion, said Tourism Minister, Arief Yahya.

As in past years, Organizers of the Tour de Singkarak are the Ministry of Tourism together with the Provincial Government of West Sumatra and 18 District and city governments, PB ISSI, and promoters of the event.

Through the years, Tour de Singkarak has included more and more districts in West Sumatra, as its positive economic impact spread throughout the province. The holding of the Tour de Singkarak has prompted improvements in the road infrastructure and opened up opportunities for investments and Tourism. Local creative industries have also been revived especially in those regions passed by the Tour de Singkarak.

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