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16-09-2015, 15:40

Boasting astonishing coastal landscapes and an amazing underwater world, the Alor Regency in West Nusa Tenggara Province will hold 2 events simultaneouly in cooperation with Way 2 East Indonesia: they are Festival Bahari Alor 2015 or the Alor Marine Festival 2015 held from 16th to 18th September and Festival Adventure Indonesia from 15th to 20th September 2015.

The Alor Marine Festival will be highlighted with 4 major activities, which are: Pou-Hari, Gala Soro, an Underwater Photography Competition, and a Gala Dinner at Batu Putih Beach.

Pou-Hari is a ceremony held by the local community where offerings are presented to the spiritual rulers of the sea in thanksgiving for the abundant fish provided to them as the fish are swept in onto the beach carried by cold currents. ”We have a unique phenomenon in Alor, which normally lasts between September to October, when cold currents from the southern Indian Ocean flow into the Alor sea , turn the waters around Alor to freezing cold, thus causing fish to strand on the shores”, explained Amon Djobo, Regent of Alor at a press conference held at the Sapta Pesona Ministry of Tourism building on Thursday, 20th August 2015.

The second highlight, the Gala Soro, revives a victorious sea battle, remembered in a traditional ceremony. This one of a kind attraction will feature no less than 100 traditional battle vessels. ”Gala Soro will involve about 100 traditional boats that have not been seen for 1-2 centuries” added Amon DJobo.

Meanwhile, 25 professional national and international divers/photographers will participate in the underwater photography competition. The final agenda of the Alor Marine Festival is the Gala Dinner which will take place at Batu Putih Beach featuring a sumptuous meal of seafood freshly caught by local fishermen and cooked with various traditional recipes.

Meanwhile, as the Alor Marine Festival is ongoing, the Festival Adventure Indonesia will feature 5 main activities, which are: diving, mountain trekking, cycling, photography, and cultural tour.

“The dive spots will be around the islands of Kepa, Alor, Ternate, and Pantar. There will also be mountain trekking where participants can view the magnificent sceneries of white sands and step on hot sand at the foot of the mountain” said Adi Gerimu, Chief Executive Officer of Way 2 East Indonesia.

“Currently, there are already 200 participants who have confirmed attendance, among whom are from Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Netherlands, and other countries”, mentioned Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya.

For both simultaneous festivals, the local government of Alor Regency has prepared 14 tourist destinations namely: Kalabahi Town, Maimoi Beach, Sikka Island, Deere Beach, Batu Putih Beach, Kepa Island, Ternate Island, Mount Sirung, Pantar Island, Pura Island, Buaya Island, Monbang/Kobala Village, Takpala Village, and Luba Village.

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