View Full Version : Enjoy the Beauty of Camplong Beach in Sampang, Madura

11-09-2015, 17:12
Madura Island has a variety of interesting tourism objects, especially marine tourism. One of the marine attraction that visited by many visitors is Camplong Beach. The beach is located in Sampang district, Madura. The distance is about an hour drive or more from Suramadu bridge. The access road to the beach is good enough, we will pass numbers of traditional market among the journey, and be notice about your fuel, because the filling station is still limited.

Arriving in Camplong beach, the visitors have to pay the retribution ticket. There will be numbers of fruit sales ladies that offering some local fruit like sugar-apple fruit or bell fruit near the entrance gate. Just don’t be hesitated to make the best deal among those ladies.

When entering Camplong beach, the visitors will be very excited to see the blue ocean over the sight. The beach is clean save, there are some rented boat that ready to drive you out to the center of the sea and enjoying the waves.

Inside the beach, there are some stalls for taking a rest and enjoying fresh coconut ice or traditional salad, Rujak. Moreover, there is children playground and park for those who are not into the beach and just want to spent their free time with friend or family.