View Full Version : Bukit Sulap, Natural Beauty Hill in Lubuklinggau - South Sumatra

11-09-2015, 16:07
Bukit Sulap (Sulap Hill) is one of the mainstay tourism object in Lubuklinggau City. With the height approximately 700 meters above sea level which has beautiful natural plants and cool temperatures. The visitors can be explored the natural beauty of Lubuklinggau City. On the night, Lubuklinggau is very beautiful with lights from the houses and streets.

Bukit Sulap area is located at around 2 km from Lubuklinggau downtown. One of alternative route to this tourism place is through Bengawan Solo that lies on Ulak Surung Sub-district, Lubuklinggau Utara II District. The range from the base of Bengawan Solo to the point of climbing is around 400 m. To reach the top of hill needs for about an hour by walking through the gravelly grounded path.

Bukit Sulap is quite challenging for the travelers or the nature lovers who loves adventure. Bukit Sulap also often use by travelers for outbound, camping, and for the other outdoor adventure activities.