View Full Version : Mayangkara Beach, the Beautiful Beach in Bawean Island

07-09-2015, 15:51

Mayangkara beach is one of the attractions on Bawean Island located in Kepuh Teluk Village. Tambak District. The location is 500 meters from the highway Sangkapura-Tambak so it is easily accessible. The beach is beautiful is like Kuta Beach Bali.

According to researchers from the Netherlands, beauty and feel of the beach is equivalent to Pataya beach in Bangkok, Thailand. Many visitors from domestic and foreign tourist come to see the beauty of its beaches.

The main road to the site was paved along the beach, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the sea off the blue ocean. This location is suitable for destination on holiday with family or friends.

Enjoying panoramic views of the azure sea off is an offer from Mayangkara. The beach is also popularly known as Bayangkara also include captive deer. You will get acquainted with the deer endemic only to be found on Bawean Island.

In addition it is beautiful, this beach has a high historical value as a wife of Sunan Giri named Siti Zaenab became the first man landed and found this beach and here too Siti Zaenab long hair is devoted loyalty to Sunan Giri.