View Full Version : Gethuk Bananas From City Kediri

07-09-2015, 13:10
In addition to knowing piety, not complete it if Kediri not bring souvenirs Gethuk bananas. The food is very familiar if you come to Kediri. The taste is sweet sticky taste will tempt you to always want to enjoy it. Gethuk bananas are usually also called gethuk gedhang in the Java language and packed with wrapped in banana leaves and shaped like a rice cake.

Gethuk existence as snacks typical Kediri has existed since generations, is not yet clear where the origin of bananas Gethuk itself. The price offered is quite low ranging between Rp 2,500-Rp 5,000, not enough to drain the bag is not it?!. Gethuk bananas can be found along your way to Kediri. Usually also offered by hawkers in buses or at roadside stalls to the center of souvenirs Kediri.

As the name implies, Gethuk banana made from bananas. Long round shape, about 15 centimeters, and maroon. Plain packaging wrapped in banana leaves. Gethuk banana king made exclusively of banana Jackfruit. Raja Jackfruit choose because he has a distinctive aroma and taste sweet and sour. Sweet sour taste that makes sense Gethuk bananas men-so typical sweet and sour without sugar.

Making is not difficult, it just takes patience alone. If you already know how, is not wrong to try as a business opportunity in your area. Because of this potential for exposure in your area as a new snack typical Kediri.