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03-09-2015, 15:31
Dawet original Jabung Ponorogo East Java is the typical culinary ponorogo which is similar to ice cendol but the difference cendolnya is natural and no dyes.

Deliciousness is not in doubt. Even if Eid arrives people from out of town and even outside the island are many who come to enjoy it.

Dawet jabung made from sugar palm flour which is then shaped like dawet most usual form. Kuah dawetnya consists of young coconut milk supplemented with palm sugar and a little salt.

To enrich the taste, then usually added sticky tape and sliced ​​jackfruit. Everything is included greetings and added a small bowl with ice cubes

Basically Dawet Jabung the original name of the area south Jabung in Ponorogo which can be reached from the direction of Madison + - 40 km

There is one story that made it famous Jabung dawet. If you ever been to stall dawet Jabung Note when the seller delivers the bowl dawet then underneath there must be lepeknya.

According to the saucer story will never be given to the buyer, so the buyers just take the bowl away.

If until a seller gives the bowl and lepeknya then he should be taken by your wife. Here's a little story about dawet Jabung.
And during the fasting month of fresh DRINK become one of the menu options when breaking puasa.Saat iftar, the crowd approached the row of stalls by the road intersection Jabung village, Ponorogo, to buy dawet jabung. Dawet jabung become one of the favorite drinks of citizens Ponorogo for fasting. It feels fresh and distinctive sweetness, ideal for the first drink when fasting.

That said, this drink has existed since decades ago, since the Dutch era and until now the fourth generation. A distinctive taste and unique fresh flavor makes this drink to survive until now.

Dawet is different from other beverages. The material is very simple; cendol, coconut milk, sweetener, and a little salt. Special Cendol made from sugar palm flour. Sweetened drink made from coconut sap. If combined and a little salt, will taste delicious. Because do not use sugar and artificial sweeteners, drinks are safe for consumption by anyone.