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In 1486, the forest cleared on orders Bathara Katong. Much interference from various parties, including the spirits come. However, because the Help Warok and soldiers Wengker, eventually the forest clearing work smoothly.
After the completion of forest cleared, buildings established so that people came. Having established the duchy palace, Batara Katong then brought his queen, Niken Sulastri to the duchy palace, while his brother, Suromenggolo remain in place namely in the hamlet Ngampel. By Katong, the newly constructed area was named Prana Goods originating or taken from a Chronicle legend "Pramana Raga". According to folklore that developed orally, Pono means Wasis, Pinter, Mumpuni and Sports Physical meaning. so it became known as Roxburgh.
Bathara Katong later became Duke in Ponorogo. According to the Handbook of Oriental History Bathara graduation day as Duke of the Duchy of Ponorogo Katong is on Sunday Pon 1st month of the year 1418 Saka, coincides with the date August 11th 1496 or 1 Hijjah 901 AH. Furthermore, on August 11, designated as Day Ponorogo.
Reog the art community resistance Roxburgh began omitted from the elements of rebellion, by displaying a fictional story about the Kingdom of the Bantar Angin as reog history. The retainer and grandchildren Bathara Katong, is then set up boarding schools as a center for the development of Islam.

Bathara Katong, has the original name Lembu Kanigoro, is a son of King Brawijaya or Bhre Kertabhumi of concubines that Princess Campa Muslim. Based on historical records generation descendant 126 th Ki Padmosusastro he mentioned that his future Bathara Katong is named Raden Joko Piturun also called Raden Harak Kali.He is one of the sons of King Brawijaya garwo pangrambe (concubine high position).
Majapahit power began to ruination and when his eldest brother "Lembu Kenongo" were renamed Raden Broken established the kingdom of Demak Bintoro, Lembu Kanigoro follow his brother's footsteps to sit under the guidance of Wali Songo in Demak.

King Brawijaya during his lifetime trying to be moslem by Wali Songo, the Guardians of the Islamic persuade King Brawijaya by offering a Princess Campa Muslim to become his wife. Although the King Brawijaya itself fails to be moslem, but his marriage to the daughter of Campa lead to a sharpening of the political conflict in Majapahit.
Marriege Campa daughter by King Brawijaya raises protest reaction of other elite palace. As performed by a poet named Ketut Anom Suryongalam which became known as Ki Ageng Kutu, Ki Ageng Kutu then create an art Barongan, which was then called Reog. And reog is nothing but a symbol Ki Ageng lice criticism against the king of Majapahit (symbolized by a tiger's head), who defeated the seduction of a woman / Princess Campa (symbolized by the sudden peacock).
Efforts to strengthen the Ki Ageng lice Base in Ponorogo (Wengker) is regarded as a threat by the power of Majapahit and the Sultanate of Demak. Sunan Kalijaga, together with his student Muslim Kiai (or Ki Ageng Mirah) tried to investigate the circumstances Ponorogo, and examine the forces most influential in Ponorogo. And they found Demat Fleas as the most influential rulers at that time. For the sake of expansion of power and Islamization, Demak ruler sends a best sons which were then known by Bathara Katong with one of his students named Selo Aji and attended by 40 senior students to another.

Raden Katong Wengker finally arrived in the area, and then choose a place that is eligible for the settlement, which is in the hamlet Plampitan, Village Setono, District Jenangan. Bathara when it comes to enter Ponorogo Katong, most people Ponorogo is Hindu, Buddhism, animism and dynamism. After entering Ponorogo Katong Bathara there was a fight between Bathara Katong with Ki Ageng lice. Amid the same conditions as strong, Bathara Katong wits to subdue Ki Ageng Kutu. Then with his clever sense Bathara Katong approached Ki Ageng lice daughter named Niken Gandini, with at enticing lure would be his wife. Niken Gandini used to take heritage Katong Bathara Welang Koro, an heirloom final of Ki Ageng lice. The battle continues and Ki Ageng lice disappeared, on Friday Wage in a mountainous area Wringinanom Sambit Ponorogo. Lice disappearance Ki Ageng place called Mount rotten, located in the area Bungkal. Bathara Katong later, saying that Ki Ageng lice will Moksa and reborn at a later date. This may be done to reduce anger over the death of Ki Ageng citizens Kutu.Setelah Ki Ageng lice disappear, Bathara people of Ponorogo Katong collect and speech that he is none other than Batoro, demigod. This is done, because Ponorogo society still believe in the existence of gods, and Batara.