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31-08-2015, 11:02

[/FONT]The village is located in the district of Tanjung brand-new Earth Earth is a 10 minute drive from the village of Tanjung Tourism Batik Earth. Exotic beaches and is ideally suited for swimming and snorkeling, white sand and gentle will greet you when visiting this beach.
The scenery on the beach is not less beautiful with beaches elsewhere, white sand coupled with decorative rocks at the edge of the sea is guaranteed to keep you captivated. The scenery would be more interesting when you look at the fishing boats leaning.
You can see them being busy with activities, there was repairing boats, set nets or just a chat among colleagues. Sometimes the waves are big enough also add beautiful natural scenery here.
If you like the ambience of beautiful beaches and natural then make sure this place into the tourist destination you. Come here with your colleagues or your family so vacation more enjoyable. Have a good vacation!