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30-08-2015, 16:34
Located in the Village Jurug, Sooko, Ponorogo, East Java Province Maps and GPS Coordinates: 7 53'22 "S 111 41'10" E.
Pletuk is a figure of speech that is full of mystery and deep meaning for life and living, where the words can be interpreted as advice Pletuk sublime. when associated with the history of the village Jurug, there are some tips that deserve conducted by a figure or residents in the village Jurug.

Located approximately 30 kilometers to the southeast of downtown Ponorogo or just south of the District Pulung. To go to the location of this waterfall can use private vehicles or public. Condition of the road to the site is paved smooth but winding and up and down. Along the way will encounter many of the teak forests.

If departing from the city Ponorogo (square) and take direction to Jeruksing region. From Jeruksing (roundabout traffic light) it took to east through the area Tajug filled with eucalyptus plantations until arriving at the intersection of highway Jeruksing - Pulung. When straight Pudak will go to the District, the District Pulung left and to the right to Sooko.

Furthermore, take the direction to the right, past the traditional markets District of Pulung. After taking about 20 minutes to arrive in the district Sooko by first passing through teak forests on both sides of the road Pulung - Sooko. And finally from this district then follow the directions to the location of Niagara Pletuk located.

For those who use public transportation, from Terminal Seloaji, Ponorogo ride public transportation department Sooko costs around Rp 5000. Decline in Market Sooko. Next trip changed ride motorcycles to arrive at the location of the waterfall is located. These taxis are widely available around the market Sooko.

Pletuk Waterfall or also known as Coban Temu has a height of about 30 m and above an altitude of 450 meters above the sea with its rainfall is quite high. This area is surrounded by towering hills, and covered a number of plants.