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29-08-2015, 21:26
Satay Ponorogo is the kind sate that comes from the town of Ponorogo, East Java. Chicken meat itself was tender and the marinade is absorbed. Ponorogo Sate is different than Madura Satay that popular.

The difference is in how to cut meat. The meat does not cut resemble dice like chicken satay in general, but rather resembles a long, thin sliced fillet, so in addition to more tender, lard or fat in meat can be set aside.

Chicken satay become one of the specialties of Ponorogo, East Java. In this district these snacks made since the 1960s until a region known as Gang Sate, precisely on Jalan Lawu, Village Nologaten, District Ponorogo. Three out of 15 sellers there are descendants of the deceased Sobikun, a pioneer of the confectionary.

Traders satay most famous was the late Haji Tukri Sobikun. Depot hers who now run Hajjah Siti Amini, 64, wife Tukri had twice visited by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his family.

Satay chicken satay can be served along with intestinal, skin and young chicken eggs. The next difference is satay Ponorogo through the immersion process of seasoning (in "bacem") to allow the flavors to seep into the meat. Skewers of meat, intestines, and skin soy sauce flavored with herbs and vegetable oil.

Once the marinade evenly, skewers grilled on skewers grill for about 3-5 minutes. Ponorogo satay grill made of furnace (grill) made of clay. This grill has a hole on one side to fan the embers of charcoal inside. Once brown, all satay put on a plate for seasoned again with Special Seasoning. Once cooked, satay peanut sauce covered with finely ground.