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28-08-2015, 17:40

Come and visit Lowo Cave at Trenggalek Regency

Terri has Lowo Caves as well as a series of charming beach. Call it as an example of Prigi Beach, Coastal Karanggongso, Pelang Beach, Coastal Blado Beach and Damas. Lowo cave tour as stores various mysteries. According to the officer Cave Lowo, Kasiadi, tourists will feel and discover the natural beauty of the underground amazing at the same time feel the greatness of God.

Kasiadi who had served 26 years recalled, any sophisticated man would never be able to create a cave like this Lowo cave. Even to build it will spend enormous budgets. Still said Kasiadi, based on a survey of experts caves of France, Mr. Gilbert Manthovani and Dr Robert K Kho in 1984, the Cave Lowo sepanang 2 kilometers it is the largest natural cave in Southeast Asia, even in Asia. But today that is impenetrable to new tourism along the 800 Meter with 9 (nine) main room and several smaller rooms.

The rest of the 1.2 km long cave can not be penetrated because basically there is a river so if the river water likely will be overwhelmed. At the end of the cave, there are stone gong when struck sounded like a gong sound. Before entering the cave there is a huge stone resembling a turtle. It is said that when the village Watuagung Punokawan arrival of Kraton Mataram with the aim of opening the Prigi region. But when dissecting the village, Punokawan intercepted giant tortoise. Punokawan not retreat even fight. The provision of a whip magic of Kraton Mataram, struck into the body of the turtle to the giant animal was turned into stone.

In this area visitors are greeted cool mountain air with the aroma of teak forests because of the location it is surrounded by lush teak forests. From the parking lot toward the mouth of the cave, the path that has been dipaving clean splitting teduhnya teak trees. Once past the mouth of the cave, visitors are immediately entered the first cave area of ​​the hall with the ceiling as high as 20 to 50 meters, a width of approximately 50 m cave. The beauty of the walls of the cave with stalactites and stalagmites hang sticking out here and there, the more artistic look with a splash of light that is laid out pretty.

Kasiadi explained, the Government actually Trenggalek 1984 has been promoted as a tourist attraction. But the slow development so not much visited by tourists. Average per month visited by 3,500 to 4,000 people. "Though admission is only Rp 4,000 per person," he said. This large and beautiful cave has now been equipped with electric lighting and artificial road so it is easy to observe the natural artistic forms stalactites and stalagmites. The atmosphere is cool and fresh because the water that flows beneath the cave create a comfortable atmosphere. Inside the cave there are thousands of bats (lowo).

To reach the cave, there is public transportation from the city of Terri to Durenan then to the Cave Lowo. The cave is located in the village of Watuagung, District Watulimo, 30 km from the city of Psychology. Also 30 km from the city of Tulungagung or approximately 180 km from the city of Surabaya towards the south coast precisely to Prigi Beach. Location of the track with Prigi beach is what makes this wsiata two objects dala one package.

Currently Vice Governor Drs. Saifullah Yusuf made a working visit last year, the Regent of Psychology, Dr. Ir Mulyadi WR, MMT. ask the provincial government to help efforts to develop attractions in Psychology. Especially the provision of escalators or tunnels in Cave Lowo to allow visitors to enter. Responding to the request, the Deputy Governor promised when the tunnel procurement costs no more than $ 1 billion, the Department of Tourism and Culture will be inadequate. The plan was implemented in 2011 the construction of the tunnel.

Cave discovery
According Kasiadi, originally villagers Watuagung named Mbah Lomedjo into the woods looking for a place of meditation. There he found a small cave near kedung bluish Kedung so-called Blue.
Location of kedung 600 meters northeast Cave Lowo. Mbah Lomedjo finally had a dream that around where there is a large cave where wild boars, porcupines, raccoons, and deer hide. One time, was discovered a large, dark cave filled with bats with pungent smell.

Since then comes the name Cave Lowo. Bats are Lowo Java language. After visiting the cave Lowo should continue to Prigi Beach, Coastal Karanggongso Beach and Damas. The distance is about 12 km and is located in one lane.