View Full Version : Base G Beach, Natural and Clean Beach in Jayapura

26-08-2015, 15:28

The Base G Beach (a former American WW2 base) is located about 10 km west of the city of Jayapura, Papua. The beach is beautiful and from here you look at the Pacific Ocean which is the gateway for ships sailing by from the west.

The Base G beach is quiet and still very natural and clean. The water is clear and the beach is made of white sand. The water is so clear you can see clearly through at the underwater scenery. Besides enjoying the scenery you can also go swimming, fishing, diving or rent a boat and sail around a bit.

Local residents have built some benches and cabins to chill and hang out if you get tired of the sun. There are also several types of trees providing shade.

While in Jayapura be sure to visit Base G Beach as it never hurts to spend a day and enjoy this beautiful beach.

Source: www.utiket.com

17-11-2015, 15:10