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26-08-2015, 14:42

Lorentz National Park is a national park in the province of Papua in Indonesia that has been recognized as a Real Wonder of the World Site. Lorentz National Park is a natural conservation area protected by law. This huge park located in Central Papua, about 40km east of Timika and it includes the top of Mount Jayawijaya covered by snow all year round as well as the Arafura Sea with mangrove forest. This area provides a complete ecosystem and natural things in Southeast Asia and Pacific.

Lorentz National Park is perfect for those who love nature and adventure. You can see beautiful and exotic nature which is typical of Indonesia. There are 34 kind of vegetation, so there are many kinds of flora and fauna some of them quite rare. What is unique of course is the presence of snow in a tropical country: the glacier at the top of Jaya Mountain, and several underground rivers flowing through Balliem Valley. You can also see the culture of some tribes living in or near this national park area like the Nduga, Asmat, Sempan, Dani Barat and Amungme tribe.

The access using pioneer flight from Timika heading to the north of Lorentz National Park at Panian district. Or you can take a flight heading to the south of it at Merauke district. You can take another route by sea using boat heading to Port Sawa Erma. As you get to the port, you need to go on foot to several locations in Lorentz National Park.

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