View Full Version : Teluk Cendrawasih National Park in Manokwari

20-08-2015, 16:42
The Teluk Cendrawasih National Park (Gulf of Cendrawasih National Park) is with over 14.000 square kilometers the largest National Sea park in Indonesia and is located on the western part of the Cendrawasih Gulf in northern Papua.

The Teluk Cendrawasih Park consists of mostly water and coral but there are some islands too. In this area are about 36 different kinds of bird, 196 kinds of mollusc, 150 kinds of coral and 209 kinds of fish and many other species. You will find here also protected turtles such as the Scale Turtle, Green Turtle, and Cracked Turtle. A regular sight are dolphins and sharks.

This park is best accessed by either Nabire or Manokwari. From Manokwari use a motor boat for the 95 km to Rumberpon island inside the park. From Nabire it is only 38 km and the boat trip will take about 3 hours.


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