View Full Version : Anano Island, the Thousand Turtles Island in Wakatobi Archipelago

20-08-2015, 10:01

Anano Island is uninhabited island that is part of the Wakatobi Archipelago. This island is located adjacent to the eastern edge of Wakatobi and facing directly towards Buru Sea and Banda Sea. The island is famous for endangered species, the turtle and makes this island known as Thousand Turtles Island. There are two types of turtles often found in this island, the green turtle, known as Honu and hawksbill turtles known as Koila.

Besides having a beautiful beach with white and smooth sand, this place is also a favorite location for turtles to lay their eggs. So it is common for students or researchers to come to this location to observe the lives of the turtles in this place even though the frequency of arrival of the turtle is pretty minimal each month. For green turtles, they usually lay eggs routinely when full moon nights arrive. The green turtles usually come to the seashore in the early morning time to spawn. They are trying to avoid any human activity there and to breed their offspring.

Anano Island is not only famous as the place where the turtles lay their eggs, the island also offers other exotic side. On this island you can dive to enjoy the beauty of very charming underwater life. In addition, the atmosphere of the beach offered is quite enchanting. You can also enjoy charming atmosphere of the sunset in this island.

The trip can start from Tomia Island, you can go directly to Runduma Island by boat leased by the local community with a travel time of about four hours away. But you also can use the Wakatobi National Park speedboat named Koila, the same name as one of the species of sea turtles that frequent visiting the island, with a shorter travel time which is only an hour away. From Runduma Island, you can easily get to Anano Island.