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19-08-2015, 16:40

Laras Temple is one of heritage site in Banjarmasin.It is small temple located in the District of Candi Laras Selatan, Tapin, South Kalimantan, about 30 kilometers from the town of Rantau, 60km northeast of Banjarmasin. This area is named by residents as the Highlands. . The temple is located on a ridge surrounded by rice fields. The temple is not located in a strategic location but it is thought the temple was build here for a specific purpose.

Physically, the building is an old well and not far from the well are several large ironwood sticks planted hundreds of years ago. In addition, there are two large stone by the locals called the Stone of Pigs.

In this temple site were found pieces of a statue of Batara Guru (embodiment of the god Shiva) who is holding a cup, a statue of the cow Nandini and Linga (a phallic symbol).

In the area adjacent to the Laras Temple, near the river Amas, were statues found of Buddha Dipankara and a stone that reads "siddha" written in ancient Javanese characters, or more completely "jaya siddha yatra" which means "the blessed pilgrimage".

All relics are stored at the Museum Lambung Mangkurat, Banjarbaru.

Based on the discovery of archaeological objects, this site is thought to have been build in the 8th or the 9th century. The temple Laras is thought to have been build around 1300 AD by Jimutawahana, descendants of Hyang Dapunta of the kingdom of Srivijaya. Jimutawahana is thought to be the ancestor of the residents of the nearby city of Tapin.