View Full Version : Wafsarak Waterfall, the Clear Greenish-Blue Water Color in Biak

14-08-2015, 16:20
Wafsarak Waterfall


Papua is not only store an amazing Carstensz Pyramid is one of the 7 highest mountains in the world. But also there is also Wafsarak waterfall Biak. Wafsarak waterfall, which is commonly called Warsa waterfall, is an example of a tourist highlight on land. Located in Warsa District, Biak North, this 10 meters high waterfall is located not far from the beach.

The sound of the water falling will make you relax. Moreover, the clear greenish-blue color of river's water will make you want to take a dive. Up to now, one factor why there are few tourists coming here is that the local government does not really advertise or promote this destination. However, that is a benefit as you can now freely enjoy the beauty of the waterfall without the crows. The scenery around of the waterfall is still natural and untouched and, uncommon in Indonesia, you will for sure not find any garbage here lying around as the local people care about their environment.

After you have took a swim and watched the waterfall from close-by, you can climb to the cliff or walk to the top of hill to even get a more better view of this amazing waterfall. Don't forget too to take a look at the close-by beach.


From Biak City, you would need to drive around two hours with a rented car or motorcycle. From the parking place you can continue on foot for about 200 meters. The fee to enter the location is only IDR 35.000 per group.