View Full Version : Sungai Suci Beach, the Mainstay Beach in Central Bengkulu

04-08-2015, 12:50

Sungai Suci Beach is one of the tourism object that is mainstay of Central Bengkulu. The beach is located in the Village Pasar Pedati, Pondok Kelapa Disitrict, at the Central Bengkulu Regency. Central Bengkulu Regency is one between 10 Regencies of Bengkulu Province, it is different from Bengkulu City. The location of Sungai Suci beach is about 12 km from Bengkulu City central to the north of Bengkulu Province.

Sungai Suci beach is characterized by its hilly topography which directly in contact with the sea. This typical hilly beach such as Sungai Suci beach creating a vast panorama to the sea that meet the need to relaxing our mind. This scenery is becoming more beautiful at the afternoon when the sunset at the edge of Indonesian Ocean. That's why the tourists are very interested in visiting this beach.

Just like the other Bengkulu beaches, we can find many small traditional stores which sell typical sea food and drink especially coconut drink here. The owner of the stores provide many small huts for the customer to eat, drink and enjoying the beach at the hillside of the beach.

Many facilities available on this beach, like water sport. Besides that you can enjoy some sport, swimming or playing around the beach. The waves those strike the hillside, had made the ornamental surface of the hillside edge.