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29-07-2015, 17:42
Cave Sangering is a cave which has a length of 450 meters. Inside this cave is the home of Wallet bird. In the radius of 2-5 kms of this cave you can find ten other caves with various types. They are goa Tiangko, goa Mesjid, goa Keruh, goa Terentak, goa Pancur, goa Tali, goa Batu, goa Putih, goa Senamat and goa Sungai Batang.

Cave Sangering are located in the district of sungai Manau, about 9 kms from the center of the town. Known with it's beautiful original rainforest, mount Masurai is located in sungai Lalang village (district of Muara Siau). You reach this place in 7 hours drive from the Bangko town. The mount itself is about 2,720 meters of height. Climbing this mount is a great and unique experience. Along your way you will find various wild animals and plants, while two volcanic lakes are waiting for you on the top of the mount. Grao Solar, Grao Nguak and Grao Kunyit are like small stone islands which are surrounded by a great tropical rainforest. The rainforest is the original habitat of elephants and other animals. Grao has a great hot spring which can reach 15 meters. Grao is located in the district of Jangkat, Jambi.

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