View Full Version : Tanjung Puting National Park (Home of Orang Utan) - Central Kalimantan

23-07-2015, 10:42
Tanjung Puting is located in Central Kalimantan. The area was originally declared as a game reserve in 1935 and became a national park in 1982. The park is located on a peninsula that juts out into the Java Sea. The sheer size of the park means that it has diverse habitat zones. This diversity means the park is home to a wide range of residents, both flora and fauna.


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The park, which covers an area the size of Bali, is home to an amazing array of wildlife, including the famous orangutan in the world. This park is home to monkeys, birds and other wild animals as well, not to mention the pristine vegetation of the forest itself. It is a natural treasure that is famous in the world that attracts more and more international visitors each year.


Amazing jungle surrounds make a place to visit if you’re after a truly outdoor adventure. It is an oasis of pure clean air, clear night sky and a home for people who are soft woods – orang-utan.

Orangutans are undoubtedly the most famous resident of the park, made famous through the work of the Orangutan Research and Conservation Program based at the Camp Leakey research station. Camp Leakey was orangutan preserve and location of the longest continuous study of any wild animal in the history of science. With about three-quarters of the population of orangutans in the world who live in Borneo, this park is an ideal place to see the incredible creatures in the wild.


Because the vegetation of Tanjung Puting supports a large population of animals this park is one of the most important areas in Southeast Asia for the preservation of primates, birds, reptiles and fish.

To achieve the Tanjung Puting National Park take a flight to Iskandar in Pangkalan Bun Airport from Jakarta or the main cities of Indonesia.