View Full Version : Batakan Beach, Enjoy the Beauty of Beach in Tanah Laut

14-07-2015, 14:35

Batakan beach is located in the Batakan Village, Panyipatan District, Tanah Laut Regency, about 125 kilometers eastern of Banjarmasin City, South Kalimantan Province.

To reach the site of Batakan Beach from Banjarmasin City is relatively easy because the road conditions are good enough. Although the road down and winding-up, but it presents a natural beauty landscape in the form of rows of verdant hills, the yellow expanse of rice fields, as well as a fishing village located on the edge of beach.

Batakan beach is a nautical tourism integrated with the mountain scenery, as on the east side there are hills that are part of the pine Meratus Mountains. On the beach, visitors can explore the beach while using a rented horse, relax under the pine trees while enjoying the beauty of the beach, or see the panorama of nature, especially when the sunset.

In addition to traveling around the coast, visitors can visit the nearby Datu Island in front of the Batakan Beach. On this island there is an object of religious tourism the tomb of Datu Pamulutan, an ulama who was considered the saint of God.