View Full Version : Rajegwesi Beach, Beautiful Beach in Banyuwangi - East Java

06-07-2015, 16:38

Rajegwesi beach is located in Sarongan village, in Banyuwangi, East Java province. This particular beach is situated within the Meru Betiri National Park. It is indeed a beautiful landscape with brown sand and is surrounded by a natural tropical forest. En route to Pantai Rajegwesi, adventurous visitors must first endure the ups and downs of the zigzag road before enjoying the scenic beauty of the beach. Visitors can swim and check out some fishermen's boats along the shore but can also learn about the local culture and history. The grilled fresh fish caught from the surrounding waters are delectable and one can ask the fishermen to prepare it.

In Rajegwesi beach. You can also learn about making traditional palm sugar, starting with coconut water all the way to the finished product. Rajegwesi beach is also home to the traditional "Petik Laut" ceremony, uniquely performed by the coastal people as their token of appreciation to nature for giving them an abundance of natural resources. After a tsunami struck Rajegwesi beach in 1994, locals unearthed an old cave, a remnant of the Japanese occupation that included an old cannon. The latter had apparently been used to attack enemies from the ocean. The Japanese also planted poles from teak wood to block enemy encroachment but these poles are no longer in place.

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