View Full Version : Curup Bulo Waterfall in Lahat - South Sumatra

26-06-2015, 13:02

Lahat regency is one of regency that located in South Sumatra. One of the tourism assets in Lahat is waterfall. Lahat regency has a total of approximately 75 waterfalls scattered throughout the districts.

A waterfall in Lahat further adds tourism assets in Lahat regency. One is a phenomenon waterfall Cughup (read: Curup) Maung, who had a scene in trending topics of the world, and is now back at one of the waterfalls found that no less beautiful than Curup Maung, namely Curup Bulo (Buluh).

Curup Bulo Waterfall is located in Lubuk Selo village, Gumay Ulu district, Lahat regency. The distance between Lahat to Lubuk Selo approximately 50 minutes. Access to this waterfall can reach using a motorcycle or car. Once you arrive in the village of Lubuk Selo requires approximately 20-25 minutes to discover a community garden or street to get there, with motorcycles we can trace the path or garden to get to the place of parking area.

After arriving at the last garden, after a parked vehicle, here we will begin the trip on foot. Its track downhill loose soil, to go down there must be careful so not to slip. On arrival at the waterfall everything will be paid off with the natural beauty are still beautiful and well maintained.

The local governments of Lahat regency are developing and building adequate access and facilities in the area of Curup Bulo Waterfall. Expected by many natural attractions that exist in Lahat regency can increase tourism assets, as well as introducing Lahat regency as one of the natural attractions are worth the visit to all the people of Indonesia and the world.