View Full Version : Siguntang Hill, Historical Place in Palembang City

17-06-2015, 17:32

Siguntang Hill is historical place in the city of Palembang. The place is on the siguntang hill of Palembang was once believed to be the place of worship of the royal family as well as a sanctuary to soothe the mind. Until now, the hill with a height of 29-30 meters altitude from sea level, is still considered sacred by the local community. Usually visitors who come will perform the ritual pilgrimage to the tombs of the nobles Palembang ancient times, and is regarded as the founder of the city of Palembang important.

The path to the hill, overgrown with trees that shade. This hill is the highest point in the city Pelembang, so it is believed to be the safest location if floods. At the top of the hill there are several tombs associated with figures of kings, nobles and heroes Malay-Srivijaya.