View Full Version : Pahawang Island, Awesome Underwater Scenery in Lampung

11-06-2015, 15:17

Pahawang Islands (including Kelagian, Tanjung Putus and Tegal island) are situated in southern part of Lampung, near the Capital Bandar Lampung, so it is easy to reach. A Pahawang bernawa exsptik Island is located in District Highways Punduh, Pesawaran District, Lampung Province, Indonesia deserve to be the option for you to tourist destinations.

The island is already fulfilling some of the requirements as a tourist attraction, Beautiful natures good beaches, under the sea and mountainous nature of the island is very supportive as a tourist destination.

Underwater scenery of Pahawang Island is very pretty awesome, as well as with panoramic beach. White sand stretches, endless blue sea water, and islands that form a hill green. There are some places snorkeling spots in Pahawang Island, commonly placed that visited by tourists are Pahawang Besar Island , Pahwang Kecil Island,Kelagian Island, and Tanjung Cape.

25-08-2015, 12:48