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Gili Labak is formerly this small island was known as Pulau Tikus or Rat Island. However because of its beauty that is not reflected in the meaning of its name, the island was renamed Gili Lebak.

Gili Labak is located around the Madura island, precisely in the Talang subdistrict, Sumenep regency, Madura, East Java Province. Sumenep island is the most eastern districts in Madura Island, so that the travel time to get to this island is quite long. From Surabaya, the capital of East Java, you can go to Bungurasih Terminal. In this terminal, you can choose the bus which will go to Madura and usually ends in Sumenep terminal or the Kalianget Port. If you get off at Sumenep Terminal, then you should proceed to the Kalianget Port by using taxis or public transportation. On your arrival at the Kalianget Port, you can rent a motor boat that will take you to the Gili Lebak. Motor boat rental fee is around Rp. 400,000,- up to Rp. 500,000 from Gili Labak and Kalianget Port vise versa . The travel time is approximately two to three hours, depending on the wave conditions at the moment you cross the Madura Strait.

Gili Labak has white sand with clear sea water. With fine white sand, you can walk along the banks of the beaches or even tinkering on the white sand. Calm waves make Gili Labak is a right place to swim. Snorkeling and Diving are also favorite tourist activities on the island, given to its stunning underwater beauty. This small island has various diving spots. Unfortunately, you must bring your own snorkeling and diving equipments, because there is no such equipment rental on the island. Gili Labak’s width is only about 5 hectares, and to go surrounding the island it only takes about about 15 to 30 minutes by foot, because there was no land transportation modes on this island. However, this activity becomes frequently done by the tourists during the visit, so they can enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape in particular the blend of pure white sand with crystal clear blue sea of Gili Labak.

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