View Full Version : Malulo Dance of Tolaki Tribe in Southeast Sulawesi

05-06-2015, 14:58

Malulo Dance is traditional dance belongs to the Tolaki Ethics and one of the main ethics in the South East Sulawesi. The traditional dance has a tradition to express love and friendship. With malulo dance, they invite everyone to have fun. They stand in a circle, singing, and dancing while holding hands one another.

This dance performed by men, women, teenagers, and children. Formed a circle and they hold hand one another. If many people came, more circle will be formed. Everyone can join even though if you are not Tolaki. The Tolaki ethics is respect for women. So they have a way in holding hand. The man hand and must be under hands of women. It means men must always protect women. The teenagers usually use dance as lulo dance to meet each other.

In the past era, this dance is performed at custom ceremonies such as weddings, harvest party, and the king's inauguration. The sound of gongs accompanies pounding footsteps to left and right.

You can participate in this festivity in Tolaki community's villages surrounding Kendari. In several large events in Kendari, lulo dance also often held.