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04-06-2015, 07:41

Prince Toraja Hotel is a traditional sprawling structure located in the beautiful Rantepao, Tana Toraja. One of the finest 2 star hotels in Tana Toraja Land, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, it is set amidst lovely gardens. Surrounded by lush green vegetation and offering an insight in to the Torajanese culture, the hotel stands one of the finest hotels in Indonesia.

Toraja Prince Hotel Tana Toraja offers you a scope to explore the subtle nuances of the Torajanese culture as well as enjoy the traditional Toraja hospitality and warmth. The Toraja are an ethnic group who are found in the mountainous region of South Sulawesi. Most of their population live in the 'land of Toraja' (regency of Tana Toraja). From the location of Hotel Toraja Prince Toraja you can visit a number of interesting destinations.

Rooms at Hotel Toraja Prince Toraja is in are categorized into single bed and twin bed standard and deluxe rooms. Extra beds for children can be arranged at extra costs. Each room offers splendid view from the mini-terrace. The rooms are all airy, spacious and surrounded by dense vegetation. Room facilities at Toraja Prince Hotel include all the some amenities to make your stay most comfortable.

Contact Us:
Address: Kampung Paku Bala Salu, Rantepao, Toraja Utara, Central Sulawesi
Phone:(0423) 21458


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hellos, please send me the price for 10 days, thanks