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04-06-2015, 07:39

Misiliana Toraja Hotel is located in Tana Toraja, Rantepao the Majestic highlands of South Sulawesi. Here Tongkonan houses of family origin are symbolic of kinship and hospitality. Misiliana Hotel Toraja decorated and designed with architecture and atmosphere of Torajanese culture. The friendliness of the staff of Misiliana Hotel Toraja and excellent facilities and fine cuisine compliment the beauty of its surrounding.

Hotel Misiliana Toraja is owned and run by a local Torajan family since 1980. The hotel provide a warm family atmosphere to make you feel at home outside your home, all rooms offer magnificent views of beautiful gardens or a mountain panorama with a peaceful atmosphere. Misiliana Hotel Toraja stands as one of the best 3 star Hotels Accommodation in Rantepao. Presented with an array of services the hotels caters to travelers from all points of the compass.

By combining the scenic mountain and forest with our facilites, Toraja Misiliana Hotel Toraja is a great choice from business meeting to social or family gathering with the beauty and excitement of Toraja culture that combine with high quality service and facilities, bringing you the true Toraja spirit.


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Jl. Pongtiku No.27. Rantepao, Tana Toraja