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22-05-2015, 16:31

Klayar Beach is located approximately 45 miles west of Pacitan city, precisely in the sub-district Donorojo, Pacitan district and can be reached by car or motorbike. Road to the Klayar Beach Indonesia is a challenge that will stimulate adrenaline because the roads are narrow and broken in some parts, sharp bends and up and down the hills. There are several sections of the rise and fall quite extreme. However, the scenic beauty of hills and green valley’s will be accompanied throughout the trip.

Not only beautiful, Klayar beach has 3 unique phenomenon rarely possessed by the other beaches in Indonesia. Not only known as the City of the Thousand Caves, Pacitan also famous for its beautiful beaches. One of the amazing beaches are Klayar Beach Indonesia. Klayar coast, derived from the word ‘Klayar-kluyur’ which means the streets.

Klayar Beach is very exotic, is evidenced by the condition of the beach that look different with other beach attractions. In Klayar Beach Indonesia there rocks that resemble the shape of sea Flute, Sphinx Rock, and Karang Bolong. In the east end you will be greeted by a lovely lagoon. Flanked by two clusters of rocks, it looks beautiful lagoon with crystal clear that the waves hit the rock wall and then break down and spinning on the white sand. The small lagoon is breathtaking and makes linger sit back at him. Waves repeatedly slammed with the strong rock and waterfall effect on the walls with white bubbles were beautiful. Klayar Beach has clusters of rocks towering in the east lagoon. One of them noted that resembles the shape of the Sphinx. If seen closely, the constellation is shaped like a Sphinx statue in Egypt.

Not only reef Sphinx another unique owned Klayar Beach is sea fountain. The fountain in the form of shaped vertical water jets as found in city parks. However, this fountain a natural result of nature’s creation. Formed from scraping abrasion tide trap into a bright coral. The coral caves hidden in the water. The harshness of the waves was forwarded by pressing the water fountain until partially formed. The fountain shaped perpendicularly through the small gap at the top of the rock face. Do not be surprised when you are behind the sudden a fountain gushed up. Again, an extraordinary natural phenomenon.

To reach the Klayar Beach for foreign tourists, you can use the flight to Yogyakarta after that you can use a travel service around the airport to reach this beach and can also be a tour guide for your trip. You can search for hotels or inns in the area of Yogyakarta or in Pacitan, because in Pacitan also has many hotels to stay awake with prices ranging from cheap to expensive also.


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