View Full Version : Jakat Beach, Exotic Attraction Beach in Bengkulu

19-05-2015, 17:47
Bengkulu province is rich with cultural heritage as acculturation of indigenous and coastal culture. In the past, Bengkulu has been prestigious territory which has been competed since Hindu-Buddha culture era until modern colonial era by the Dutch and Britain. One of Bengkulu exotic attractions is Jakat beach. The beach which is located around 1 km from Bengkulu city has amazing scenery. Although, its location faces Indian Ocean, the waves at this beach is quite calm and has flat beach which makes you want to play directly at beach. At this beach, you can also witness beautiful sunrise and sunset, feel cool wind and hear the rhythm of harmonious sound of waves. It makes you want to stay at the beach longer.

Jakat beach directly faces with the Indian Ocean and has hilly underwater park. It preserves the beauty and habitat balance around the beach. Fish commodity potential becomes the main income of local people. Another economic activity is seafood culinary. At Jakat beach, you can also enjoy typical culinary such as roasted corn, roasted banana, young coconut ice and many other food which is able to shake your tongue.

Bengkulu Regional administration has reconstructed building surrounding the beach well. It has also completed the safety facility. If you love swimming, you do not have to worry, because this beach has complete facility. At the beach there is wide and clean parking lot which is completed with efficient and environmentally friendly lighting. This lighting makes situation at the beach more beautiful at night. If you want to see golden sky, you can come to the beach at dawn or nightfall. The golden light becomes attraction for tourist and photographer who always hunt spectacular nature.