View Full Version : Hoga Island, A Part of Wakatobi Marine National Park in Kendari

04-05-2015, 17:34

Hoga Island is one of island in the region of Wakatobi. Wakatobi itselfis a famous marine national park in South East Sulawesi, Indonesia. The national park becomes the largest conservation area around the world.

To reach Hoga Island, you can travel from the capital city of South East Sulawesi, Kendari. From Kendari, you will have various alternatives means of transportation. The means of transportation from Kendari to Hoga is mostly by a timber ship. You can reach the island from Kendari via Wangi Wangi. The ship departs from Kendari two times a week. Otherwise, you can travel via Raha from Kendari to Bau Bau by speedboat. It takes about four hours by boat. You can ask a guide for travel information if you donít know how to go to the island. Although it is difficult to reach Hoga, you will never regret when you have arrived at the island. The island has an amazing panorama with lots of species, both flora and fauna.

The most popular activity you can do in Hoga Island is scuba diving. Scuba diving is fun and exciting as the underwater life of Hoga has a stunning view. You can see colorful coral reefs and a lot of species of fish. Visitors can also hike around the island.