View Full Version : Rana Tonjong Lake or Lotus Lake, Manggarai - East Nusa Tenggara

04-05-2015, 15:10

Flores, East Nusa Tenggara there is a lake at Pota village, Sambirampas sub-district, East Manggarai Regency which is quite different from other lakes. The lake is Rana Tonjong Lake which is the second biggest lotus lake in the world after similar lake in India.

In East Manggarai language, 'rana' means lake and 'tonjong' means lotus. Lotus flower has pink color which blooms beautifully. This plant only grows on the water and has around 5 until 10 centimeter round-shape leaf. The uniqueness of this lotus plant is in its stem which rises out of the water not floats like other lotus plants. It is around 3 meter high. Even, lotus flower can bloom depending on the water which enters into the lake.

Rana Tonjong lake or Lotus lake is around 2 and a half wide. The Lotus flower on the lake always blooms in April until June every year. Even the lotus seed can be consumed by the local people to cover various diseases. The seed contains a very high protein. The local people always take the lotus seeds to be consumed.

Uniquely, the Giant Lotus does not grow in other places. This kind of lotus can only grow in two places, namely in India and at Pota, Sambi Rampas, East Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Visiting Pota, you can enjoy the beautiful lotus flower. Donít forget to take some beautiful pictures with your own camera.

Rana Tonjong Lake is located on low land which is surrounded by hills in the West, South and North, while in the East, there are paddy fields belonging to the local people.