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23-04-2015, 14:37

Raja Ampat has the series of four biggest island become the attractive tourist in West Papua, those are; Waigeo, Misool, Salawati and Batanta island. Administratively, it is under Raja Ampat of West Papua province.

Salawati Island is one of the four main islands in Raja Ampat. The area of this island is 1623 kmē. The island is so beautiful. The beauty is so popular around that it attracts many tourists to visit the island. Many developers are interested in developing the four islands. They have built many beautiful resorts along with its facilities. These resorts have made the islands attract more tourists to visit the islands.

Salawati island is situated in Salawati District, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua Indonesia. To reach the island, you must go by boat. You can first fly to Sorong, from either Jakarta or Makassar. Depending on where you are, you can take a flight to Sorong.

Once you have arrived at Domne Eduard Osok, Sorong, you can continue your journey by taxi or rental car towards the port. From the port, you can then go by speed boat or long boat towards Sukawati Island. It takes about two hours from the port to the island. On your way, you will see many small islands without inhabitants.

Many tourists come to the island simply because they want to do water activities. They especially want to dive or snorkel. The scenery of the underwater life is so fantastic. There are many bunkers left from World War II sinking in the sea around the island. They become interesting spots to dive.