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20-04-2015, 17:29

Mas Harun Bastari is a lake located in Selupu Rejang District, about 17 kilometers away from Curup City. Situated in Rejang Lebong Regency. The name of the lake was taken from governor’s name of South Sumatera when Rejang Lebong regency still belonged to South Sumatera Province. Mas Harun Bastari lake is 36 hectare wide. The center of the lake is also unique because there is a small island forming C letter. The local people said that the C letter symbolizes Curup. At the Eastern of the lake, there are shady trees which are often used by visitors to take a rest.

Mas Harun Bastari lake has various kinds of tourism objects. You can do various activities such as going around the lake by using motorboat, or outbound activity, as well as enjoying the beautiful nature surrounding the area. The lake is also known as home of fresh water fish which can be caught by the visitors. So, if you love to catch fish, please do not forget to bring your own fishing equipment. Mas Harun Bestari lake area also has complete facility, such as parking space, rest room, Playing ground etc.

If you want to stay at night and also enjoy the night sensation, you can rent a villa at surrounding the lake. Mas Harun Bastari lake is located at Selupu Rejang sub-district, Rejang Lebong regency, around 17 kilometers from Curup city. You can go there by any kinds of vehicles to reach this tourism object.