View Full Version : Wedi Ireng Beach, the Black Sand Beach in Banyuwangi - East Java

20-04-2015, 13:23

Banyuwangi is popular city with the series of beautiful beaches which is still natural. One of them is Wedi Ireng beach. This is taken from Javanese language, “Wedi” means sand, while “Ireng” means black.

The beach is called Wedi Ireng because this beach has black sand. Although the beach has black sand, the sand is quite smooth. The sea water is still clear and blue. The beach has beautiful scenery. As far as we can see, there is an amazing Bedil Island. This Island can be seen clearly from Wedi Ireng beach. At this beach, you can play water, go swimming or fishing. Besides that, Wedi Ireng beach also has the best spot to enjoy sunrise and sunset.

After the visitors are satisfied enjoying Wedi Ireng beach, they can also enjoy fresh water of Plosoan waterfall. The distance is around 1 kilometer from the beach. Along the trip to Plosoan waterfall, visitors will witness shady and fresh forest.

Wedi Ireng beach is located at Pancer hamlet, Sumberagung village, Pesanggaran sub-district, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. The distance is around 65 kilometer from Banyuwangi city. This beach can be accessed by using private vehicle and continued by walking. It takes around 3 until 4 hours. While from Banyuwangi to Pulau Merah beach, it takes around 3 hours by using land transportation. From Pulau Merah beach, the trip to Wedi Ireng is continued by using local fisherman boat. It takes around 15 minutes. The local people call the fisherman boats as “Ojek Perahu” or in English means rented boat. If you visit Wedi Ireng beach, you can also explore the other tourism objects around the beach.