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15-04-2015, 16:55
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Not far from Sorong, West Papua, there on the small island is not less beautiful than Sorong Island. Named Soop Island. It is an island in the region of East Papua. The island has many tourist attractions like white smooth sand beaches along the island to the north. In the western part of the island, there are many big rocks stretching in the bank of the beach. It was said that the big rocks were used as the defense fortress of Japanese soldiers. Another main attraction of the island is rock caves and holes that were used as the hiding place at the World War II. The access to the island is not difficult. You only need to go by boat from Sorong.

Soop Island is not too far from Sorong City. You can even see it clearly once you have arrived at Sorong. Administratively, Soop lies in Sorong Islands District, Sorong City, West Papua. The only access to go from Sorong to the island is renting a speed boat or traditional boat from local fishermen in Sorong Port. The cost for the rental boat is Rp20,000 (US2.00) for one trip. If you want to go around the island, you can also rent the boat.

When you have a trip to West Papua, never miss Soop Island in your travel plan. The beauty and the exotic panorama of the island is an unfortunate to miss.