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Sorong is beautiful city has a hundreds of island that you must be visited. Jefman Island is an island in Sorong with its best scenery. The island attracts many tourists to visit with its beautiful nature. It also has calm atmosphere and the people are not too crowded. You can also visit various places in this island, including some fishing spots. The island has many interesting fishing spots to spend the day. You can bring your own fishing equipment when visiting this island.

Jefman Island is one of the biggest islands among the small islands in Sorong District, West Papua, Indonesia. The island is not too far from Sorong. It is only 15 miles to the western of Sorong. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to reach the island from Sorong. To reach the island, you need to cross by ferry boat or motor boat from the port of Sorong Port.

You can choose ferry or motor boat to take you to the island. When you visit the island, it is better for you to go together with your family and friends. There are many interesting places you can visit in this island.

Jefman Island has beautiful panorama. The beauty of the island is so stunning that most tourists visiting this island must want to have sightseeing as their main purpose. The local people of this island are friendly.

Enjoy the sunset and do various activities in the beaches. The beaches offer you many things to you, including crystal clear and clean water. It is safe to swim or dive or snorkel. Playing around and take some pictures in the beach will also become interesting activities.

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