View Full Version : Selomangleng Cave, the Historical Cave in Kediri

09-04-2015, 15:58

Selomangleng derived from the word selo means "stone" and mangleng means "hang". So Selomangleng is a stone that hangs and patterned Hindu sites. Selomangleng Cave itself is located in Pojok village, Mojoroto district, Kediri regency. Precisely on the slopes of the eastern side of Mount Klotok, on top hill. The hills extending from north to south, in addition also surrounded by two hills located in this region, namely Maskumambang hill and Sumber Luh.

Selomangleng Cave was discovered accidentally by local people. The cave that consists of three space is place to hermitage of Dewi Kilisuci. Dewi Kilisuci is a king’s daughter of Kediri. She had been proposed by a bad prince from Banyuwangi, Djotosuro. She hidden and meditated there to avoid Djotosuro’s anger.

This cave is not like ordinary caves that have stalactite and stalagmite. This cave is impermeable, no wonder if this cave did not have them. This cave is made from black andesitic stone which is big size. There are two nozzles. As close with the nozzle, we can smell incense circuming in the room. At the left and the right wall, a lot of reliefs have been carved. Beside the cave, there is a small hill, we can go up easily because the stair has been built as an access. Not only a small hill, there is swimming pool and garden also.