View Full Version : Lake Ngebel, the Natural Lake in Ponorogo

09-04-2015, 10:20

Ponorogo is one of regency in East Java, beside popular in Reog Ponorogo, also there are popular and natural tourist attraction called Ngebel Lake because it is in Ngebel subdistrict territory.

Ngebel lake is a natural lake located in District Ngebel, Ponorogo. Ngebel lake is in the slope of Wilis mountain with 734 metre height on the sea and the temperature 22 to 32 celsius. Ngebel lake located about 30 KM from the city center Ponorogo or popularly known as Reog City. The circumference of the lake Ngebel about 5 KM. The temperature is cool, distant cool to make visitors more comfortable visiting the lake Ngebel. Besides Reog, Telaga Ngebel is one of the main tourist held Ponorogo. Suppliers of water for the lake Ngebel consists of a variety of sources. Sources of water rushing from Santen Channel. In addition, there is also a flowing river, where the river upstream waterfall named Waterfall Toyomarto.

Ngebel lakes connected with the story of a snake named "Baru Kelinting". The snake while meditating accidentally cut by the locals to be eaten. Miraculously the snake was transformed into a little boy who came to the community and make a contest, to revoke the stick stuck in the ground.

But no one managed to pull the stick out. Then Baru Kelinting self successfully to pull out the stick. From the holes pushed it into a stick or ladle the water that came out later to be a spring that welled up to form a lake. By surrounding villagers, the lake was named lake Ngebel, meaning lake that emit odor.

The legend is said to Telaga Ngebel closely related and have an important role in the history of Ponorogo. It is said that one of the founders of this district that is Batoro Kantong. Before performing the symbols of Islam in Ponorogo, Batoro purify themselves first in the spring, which is located near Lake Ngebel now known as Kucur Batoro.