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Rinca is a rough and tumble little island located in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia just off the western tip of Flores.

One of only a very few places to spot Komodo dragons in the wild, Rinca is often overlooked by tourists on their way to the more-popular Komodo Island. You are much more likely to spot komodo dragons in their natural habitat on Rinca Island where there is less impact from tourism.

The visitors around the world come here to meet the wild animal. Rinca Island has amazing natural life. Once you come here, you will see the statue of komodo with three meters height. The scenery around the island just like savannah because it is dry and barren. The savannah will end once you arrive at the mangrove forest. Most favorite activity in Rinca Island is trekking. You can choose the short trek or the long one. The distance is about 2 - 8 km. If you like adventure, you may choose the longest trek because you will have more chance to enjoy the beauty of the island and you may meet komodo with gigantic size.

From there, you can see many islands that adjacent to Rinca Island such as Bidadari Island in West Manggarai. The island has been popular for the diversity of fish and the green turtle with a beautiful panorama. Calm and blue water will please you any time you visit Bidadari Island. Coming to Rinca Island and continued to Bidadari Island will give you unforgettable experiences. It is a perfect island to relax and close to nature.

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Welcome to the Stunning Rinca Island - Indonesia




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The island of Rinca (http://worldtravelingnews.blogspot.com/2015/04/komodo-island-is-beautiful-island.html) is where the loveliest I ever frequent. Though only for a few days there

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Komodo Dragon on Rinca Island - Labuan Bajo




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