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07-04-2015, 03:35
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Batu City Square (familiar called is Alun-alun Batu) is located 17 km west of Malang city and an altitude of 1,200 metres from the 680-sea level with an average air temperature of 15-19 degrees Celsius.

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Batu City Square was deliberately designed in such a way as a means of recreation, education and sports for the community of stone town and tourists. Batu Square is a very affordable recreation facility for small communities. There’s not much I have to tell you to praise the new square was inaugurated in early May 2011. At the time of day and night, you’ll get a different beauty in Batu City Square. Good in afternoon or Night, feels just wonderful.

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In addition as a place of recreation, Batu City Square is also often used as an art festival. Many local musicians as well as the capital which has presented performances here. Enjoy a night Of Batu City Square accompanied by garden lanterns are colorful solitary beauty certainly will be.

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No Admission Fee
Ferris wheel Ticket Rp. 3.000

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