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06-04-2015, 01:51
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Vacation and stay at the hotel would have been okay, but what if the stay at the hotel built on the top of the tree? Yes, Batu tourism offers a unique stay in the tree house that is above an altitude of 1000 metres above sea level.

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Omah Kayu (Wooden House) is located in Mount Banyak, its about 25 km from Malang city, and near enough from other tourist destinations in Batu. The tree is used as a hotel on the mount banyak (1,340 mdpl), so when you stay at the tree house, we can see the batu city is like a smorgasbord of tapestry. Omah Kayu is a very natural ambience, and cool. Not only that, during the day various birds chirping sound. This outstanding charm makes a lot of interested people to stay and reserve the hotel.

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The hotel was founded by the Forestry Department in February 2014 and has a limited number of rooms: 6 units only. Each room has a capacity of 2 people per unit or a maximum of 3 persons only. The room-sized Omah Kayu about 3 m X 2 m and made entirely of wood stuck in the top of the tree and equipped with a balcony. Wooden board material into walls arranged meetings so that inhabitants keep warm especially during the night and by morning. It has provided one small mattresses, 2 pillows, a blanket and some cutlery.

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In the Omah Kayu not provided bathroom because his room is limited. But you donít have to worry because the manager has provided 2 bathrooms equipped with warm water around the Omah Kayu.

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