View Full Version : Banongan Beach, the Black Sand Beach in Situbondo

05-04-2015, 20:05
Banongan beach is located in Wringin Anom village, Asembagus district, approximately 5 kilometers from Asembagus, Situbondo regency. The beach is fairly clean with beautiful black sand. Around the coast there Banongan Sugarcane plantations managed by Perusda Banongan. Many visitors can enjoy the sea panorama with doing some beach activities, such as canoeing, sunbathing, swimming, etc. Walking around along the beach is also interesting activity that will make fresh your mind. This beach is popular enough to remember this beach is an exercise of the Marine Corps.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-2ufPqrEFH9E/U3L7DXd684I/AAAAAAAAmx8/lDo9W_Ria1k/s1600/Prajurit+Korps+Marinir+TNI+AL+Mendarat+di+Pantai+B anongan+1.jpg

Banongan Beach is one of beach in Situbondo regency that offers its original beach with fresh sea air. Many coconut trees surround this area because it is below to the government of Situbondo, which is coconut plantation. Those coconut trees live along the beach and add its fresh nuance. The green coconut trees, the blue seawater and the fresh air, will spoil the visitors.

09-09-2015, 12:59