View Full Version : Watu Karung Beach in Pacitan, East Java

01-04-2015, 15:52

Watu Karung Beach or local people called this WK beach situated in the corner of village. This beautiful beach located in watu karung village, it is about 30 km to the west from central pacitan city. You can get there use car or motorcycle. The way to get here is rather difficult especially for new comer, because it has contour like hill, up and down, and the road is rather narrow.

This beach is also known as white sands beach. The panorama is really beautiful, You can feel the softy of white sands, with the blue wave and small island coral, and some time, the tranquility make it better, because there is still a few people have their vacation here, and that is why this beach is still clean from rubbish.

Watu Karung Beach also have a good wave for surfer. Many tourist come here, not only to enjoy the view, but also to surf. You can enjoy surf as free as you want here, because there are not many surfer. You can also do the other activities, like fishing or even you can build up tend here. So let's come and enjoy the beautiful Watu Karung.

05-05-2015, 17:28