View Full Version : Bolihutuo Beach or Indah Boalemo Beach in Gorontalo

24-03-2015, 09:46

Bolihutuo Beach, known also as Indah Boalemo Beach is one optional destination to spend your weekend. This beach is located in Bolihutuo village, Botumoito sub-district, Boalemo district, Sulawesi Utara Province. It’s 130 km away from Gorontalo City. From Gorontalo City, you can use your private car or public transportation here.

The beauty of Bolihutuo Beach is like pearl carpet on Tomini Bay coastal area. White sand combined with chasing waves looks like they’re whitening the blue sea. This view will surely fondle your eyes to enjoy this beach even more. There are shady high pine trees you can find on the edge of the beach which will make the atmosphere even milder.

There are rented boats for you to go around the beach. Include water-bicycle, speedboats, diving equipment’s and some other facilities for tourists to rent in Bolihutuo Beach. There are also grottos and gazebos for you to take a rest and relaxed for a while. Other facilities you can find in the beach are restaurants, cottages and information centre.

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http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-K79xt6o_cCw/VicchLN5dOI/AAAAAAAAIp0/qGENR5MP_PE/s640/jap_20120127055137_200737_1779766588236_1661557451 _1699244_967016_n.jpg