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16-03-2015, 16:53

Watu Dodol Tourism Object in Banyuwangi is located in Kalipuro district, Banyuwangi regency. The location is on By Pass Banyuwangi to Situbondo. From Banyuwangi to watudodol is 14 km distance and only 5 km from Ketapang port. As the nature of the location, this area is used as resting area, and this Watudodol beach usually for weekend or holiday is full of local tourist.

The visitors can enjoy the panoramic ocean, or even do stroll to the hill located across the road. From top of the hill, beautiful panorama of Bali strait can be seen. Culinary activities is other interesting thing to do here. Souvenirs made of shells and also stones are on sale on small shops.

Arriving at Watudodol from north route, Gandrung statue welcomes visitor. This statue is the icon of Banyuwangi, Gandrung is a traditional dance from this city.

Located close to Gandrung Statue, there is a big rock that looks like dodol (food made of fruits, tape), probably because of this the area is called Watudodol. Watu is Javanese word for rock or stones. There was a mystical story about this rock. This area was occupied by Japanese during the World War 2, and the Japanese considered this rock distracting their activities. They tried to remove the rock by ordering men to cut the stones, but it did not work. Japanese then decided to pull it with boat, and still it did not work, instead the boat was drawn. Balinese and also truck drivers are said to put offering on the rock until today.

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