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16-03-2015, 15:12
Fort Marlborough


Fort Marlborough, fort building construction is indeed very strong with the architectural style of 20th century England were ‘magnificent‘ and ‘established’. The overall shape of the fortress complex of buildings that resemble a cross-body ‘turtle’ very impressive strength and grandeur. The details of the building were European Taste imprint where a great nation and prosper in the future. Many relics of Fort Marlborough is still contained within the castle building can also be seen that in his time the building also serves as the center of various activities including offices, even in prison.

Various historical record have occurred at this Fort Marlborough, including about the events in the life of the British nation in Bengkulu then, several weddings between them, the stories commerce of spices, wars that have taken place and the story of the death of Hamilton, the death of Thomas Parrand subjugation / control of this fort for about six months by the resistance Tobo Bengkulu with its RajoLelo.