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13-03-2015, 17:16

Peucang Island is located on Ujung Kulon National Park in the most western part of Java Island. The park area also includes the area of Krakatoa and several small islands around it like Handeuleum Island and Island Peucang. Located on Panaitan strait, Pandeglang regency, Banten province, Indonesia.

Peucang Island, provide by white sand with sea green bluish. The blue color of the sea is ideal for swimming, diving, fishing, or snorkeling.

Usually the traveller who came to Ujung Kulon will stay on this island, because the island there are several Homestay for rent. This island can be found a variety of wildlife such as wild boar, deer, apes, dragons roaming around the island, so do not be surprised if homestay there in front of boars, if lucky on this island can also see Java Bull.

The journey begins, we entered the forest not too far from the inn, is getting into more and more large trees are visible. Nearly 45 minutes walk, arrived the area where the trees began rarely replaced by a stretch of beach with large rocks also climbing cliffs, Yes we arrived at Coral Copong, called coral reefs Copong because there is a big hole on the beach and the right spot to see the sunset.


18-03-2015, 15:31
Welcome to Peucang Island Banten!